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Nestlé Dairy Milks

Nestlé UHT Milks

Nestlé’s UHT Full Cream Milk is 100% Local Fresh Cow’s Milk made daily right here in Trinidad and Tobago, using milk from local dairy farms. It’s a great source of Vitamin B2, Calcium and Phosphorous, which are needed for growth and development and for strong bones and a healthy body.

The UHT Low Fat Milk is made with 50% Local Fresh Cow’s Milk and contains half the fat (1.5%) of our Full Cream Milk, while retaining all the benefits!

Nestlé Reconstituted Milks

Our Reconstituted Full Cream Milk is a natural source of Calcium. That’s especially important because the calcium found in milk is easily absorbed and readily available to be used by the body.

Drinking Nestlé’s Reconstituted Low Fat Milk lowers your fat intake while helping you meet your daily requirement of calcium and Vitamin D!