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Nestlé in Anglo-Dutch Caribbean


History of
Nestlé in Anglo-Dutch Caribbean


Celebrating 100 years of satisfying many consumer needs with nutrient content, variety, pleasure and convenience – which all contribute to achieving a balanced diet and overall well-being.


Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Milk Company of Switzerland set up trad
Nestlé & Anglo-Swiss Milk Company set up on Marine Square (1914)

Nestlé and the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company of Switzerland establish a trading agency in Trinidad and Tobago in Marine Square (now known as Independence Square), Port of Spain, to distribute Nestlé-manufactured products for which there is growing demand. Among the earliest products supplied are Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk and Nestlé chocolates, which become a great favourite with children and adults alike! Later on, Nestlé Lactogen and MILO are introduced.

Experts from Nestle Switzerland arrive to determine the poss

Despite the ups and downs of the two World Wars, trade in the East Caribbean flourishes. In the face of wartime constraints, rationing and interference with merchant vessels transporting goods, the Nestlé team must use all its ingenuity to supply the country with the Nestlé range of products, which have become basic consumer items.

Meanwhile, the Trinidad and Tobago distribution business expands so much that, despite the many advantages of the Marine Square location, Nestlé must look for new and more spacious premises.

Just before World War II, Nestlé’s head office in Switzerland decides to undertake a survey regarding Trinidad’s potential milk supply with a view to establishing a processing plant in the country. Experts arrive to take a first-hand look at the situation. But the war puts everything in cold storage.

Circa 1939

Nestlé products imported to Jamaica by commission agents. Sweetened milk products a market favourite.


Local subsidiary Jamaica Milk Products Ltd formed in Bybrook, Bog Walk.

The condensery represents the first capital investment in the West Indies. Facility manufactured sweetened condensed milk to mitigate against the impact of World War 2 threats.

Nestlé factory recorded as first major industrial development in Jamaica


Nestlé’s policy to strengthen relations with dairy farmers poised to encourage local fresh milk production. JMP opens Cooling Station opened at Montpelier in 1942, shortly thereafter facility opened in Mandeville;

JMP expands production to GLORIA Evaporated Milk and MilkMai

JMP expands production to GLORIA Evaporated Milk and MilkMaid Sterilised Milk.

The Trinidad operation moves to Picton Road, Laventille in s

The Trinidad operation moves to Picton Road, Laventille, with a larger office and warehouse space. Thereafter, business develops to such an extent that the Nestlé parent company once again gives serious consideration to the local manufacture of products, as distinct from imports, which by then include not only sweetened condensed milk and chocolates but also powdered milk, evaporated milk, infant foods and malt flavoured drinks with brand names like NESPRAY, IDEAL, LACTOGEN, NESTROGEN and MILO.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams turns the sod.
Eric Williams turning the sod

Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams turns the sod to launch a construction project in Valsayn for the establishment of the Nestlé Valsayn Factory – a project that will continue for almost three years. A new company, Trinidad Food Products Limited, is established and registered.

The Nestle Valsayn factory is completed.

The Nestle Valsayn factory is completed and commissioned by Prime Minister, Dr. Eric Williams. Trinidad Food Products Limited starts collecting fresh milk from approximately 275 farms throughout Trinidad, every day, twice daily, and begins the local manufacture of Teapot Sweetened Condensed Milk and Nestlé sterilised milk in glass bottles.


New company established –Food Specialities Jamaica Ltd

New company established –Food Specialities Jamaica Ltd

MILO® manufactured shortly after the opening of Michelton Fa

MILO® manufactured shortly after the opening of Michelton Factory in St. Catherine.

The nation is introduced to a rich-tasting coffee blend manu

A major technology transfer occurred with the manufacture of instant coffee under the Nescafe brand. Using Trinidad-grown Robusta beans and Nestle technology, the nation was introduced to a rich-tasting blend manufactured from 100% local green beans.

This was soon followed by the local manufacture of Milo. Introduced to Trinidad and Tobago through importation several years previously, the Company installed additional plant and machinery to replace imports and, at the same time, supply the East Caribbean.

MAGGI® Dehydrated Soups introduced to Michelton Factory portfolio

Nestle introduces the Ultra High Temperature (UHT)process.

New UHT Pack on assembly line (1972)

In its quest to improve efficiency, the company pioneers the use of the Ultra High Temperature (UHT) process. This revolutionary process permits the replacement of sterilised liquid milk in bottles with Tetra Pak packaging, which offers a much longer shelf-life, and facilitates the production of a wider range of new products, while still sustaining the growing local dairy industry. The quality and variety of beverages in the soft packages make brands such as STA-FRESH, ORCHARD, CARNATION, MILO and NESQUIK household names.

New Orchard Juices launched & Nestle extends Valsayn
Nestlé launches new range of Orchard Juices and Drinks. (1976)
Nestlé extends its Valsayn facilities (1984)


TFP launches its new range of ORCHARD juices and drinks –soon to become household products nationwide.


Nestlé, in keeping with its long-term commitment to markets in which it operates, commenced expansion of its facilities in Valsayn, Trinidad. This expansion included increased factory capacity and the building of a centralized Sales and Distribution Complex.


This dawned a new era for Nestle and continued recognition as a pioneering company within the Western hemisphere and in the Nestle world with the local manufacture of CARNATION Evaporated Milk in Tetra Packs. This product replaced imports in cans and allowed the utilisation of local fresh milk contributing to the Company’s role as an important user of local raw materials.

Jamaica Milk Products renamed Nestlé – JMP Jamaica Limited a

Jamaica Milk Products renamed Nestlé – JMP Jamaica Limited assuming responsibility for the distribution of Nestlé products in Jamaica

Valsayn certification in international standards.

Trinidad Food Products Limited is re-designated Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago Limited, with its administrative offices in Port of Spain moving to Valsayn.


Nestlé continues the expansion of its locally manufactured products to respond to the nutritional needs of Caribbean consumers. Today this includes Nestlé Omega, SVELTY Fibre and Calcilok.


Nestlé installs the first Waste Water Treatment plant in Trinidad and Tobago and is awarded The Prime Minister’s award for Trade and Environment.


The Valsayn Factory is transformed to specialise 100% in manufacturing liquid milks and juices and drinks under Tetra Pak technology, for both local and export markets.


The ORCHARD ranges of juices is expanded to include a new ‘on-the-go’ range of local punches to suit the taste of local and Caribbean consumers


The Valsayn factory is certified in international standards (Food Safety, Environment and Safety) ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OSAS 18001, and PAS 220.


Nestlé installs a Reverse Osmosis Plant to increase efficiencies


Nestlé celebrates 50 years of manufacturing in Trinidad. The company introduces its Water Recycling Plant to recycle waste water for use in Industrial Services (Cooling Tower, etc.)


Nestlé launches ORCHARD Vibe in plastic bottles

Nestlé launches Nestlé Needs Youth


Nestlé celebrates 100 years in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nestlé launches Alliance for Youth.


Nestlé celebrates 75 years of operation in the Jamaican marketplace.


Bybrook Facility divested to Musson Group along with the SUPLIGEN® and BETTY® Condensed Milk brands and product.


Nestlé Jamaica Limited moves to new Corporate Office and Distribution Center at 1 South Street Ferry Pen completed in June, 1.5 years after ground-breaking


New 200ml line is launched at Nestlé’s Valsayn Factory

Nestlé Jamaica Limited, Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago Limited, and Nestlé Caribbean Incorporated merge to reflect the Anglo-Dutch Caribbean Region


Nestlé Jamaica Health and Wellness Foundation (NHW Foundation) is launch with a mission to shape the landscape of Jamaica by sharing and building nutrition knowledge with our consumers, employees and business partners.