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Nestlé Summer Camp



A day of great fun, an interactive way to help children learn about healthy living

For more than a decade, Nestlé’s one day camps have been a highlight of the school vacation for kids across the Anglo-Dutch Caribbean. Each year, hundreds of children come out to enjoy themselves for this one-day outing, and over the years Nestlé has hosted thousands of children between the ages of 6 and 12 years for a fun-filled day of learning.

Nestlé’s one day camps are great fun, but they are also an interactive way to help children learn about healthy living. During one action-packed day, kids learn important information, such as the health benefits of a good breakfast, the basics of nutrition, the six food groups, recycling and exercise. Cooking lessons are a big hit with the children too, especially when they learn to make a healthy pizza!

Most of all, the children learn by playing! There are games such as the life-size, Be Active Board Game that gets them into exercise, the Dr. Skeletonic game that teaches about the body’s different organs, and the Shopping Game that teaches the food groups!

Nestlé’s one day camps also focus on recycling. Camp facilitators teach the children about the 4 R’s: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Reinvent, and kids learn how to sort recyclables, including Tetra Pak packs, in an exciting 4Rs Relay Race! And, when the busy day finally ends, the kids are always very proud to take home the creative works of art they make from recycled material!

In Trinidad, Nestlé’s 2018 Summer Camp – Unstoppable Kids - takes place between July 16th and August 3rd. Get more information or register your child here In Jamaica, the Nestlé Schools Wellness Fiesta, launched in 2010 has been a day of fun activities where thousands of school aged children along with their teachers and the wider public learn about the importance of nutrition, health and wellness as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for 2018 schedule and updates.

Question: How can I my child attend the Nestle Summer Camp?

Answer: Contact our Consumer Services Department, 1-800-NEST.