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Programmes & services

Programmes and Services


Nestlé for Healthier Kids  Programme
The Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme is a global initiative that aims to establish healthier habits by enhancing knowledge, altering attitudes, and providing tools and solutions that encourage behaviour change. It epitomises Nestlé’s commitment to nutrition, health and wellness. It was launched in 2011, in Trinidad and Tobago and in Jamaica and is currently endorsed by the Ministry of Education in Trinidad.  The 3-6-year long programme targets primary school children and aims to instil healthy habits that will take them through life, healthily and happily. The programme captivates students using a variety of activities to make healthy living attractive and interesting. The program has a presence in over 30 schools in Trinidad and in Jamaica.

Nestlé for Healthier Kids Parents’ Forums
Nestlé understands that parents are major influencers in the lives of children.  As such, the Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme  engages parents in Trinidad and in Jamaica  with knowledge and information to help them make healthier choices as it relates to  their children’s nutrition and physical habits. Topics include the six food groups, hydration, portion control, childhood obesity and other health related topics. The information empowers parents to enforce healthy habits in their children.

International Chefs Day
International Chefs Day takes place on or around October 20 every year. Nestlé for Healthier Kids and Nestlé Professional team up to educate children globally about the importance of healthy eating, expose them to the culinary profession and teach them good eating habits.  In Jamaica and Trinidad, we invite children to enjoy interactive sessions with local chefs where they not only learn about the career but are also given the opportunity to learn to prepare tasty, healthy meals and snacks with an ultimate goal of transforming the way they view healthy food.

F-UNstoppable Summer Camp
For more than a decade, Nestlé’s One Day Summer Camp has been a highlight of the July-August school vacation for many kids across the Anglo-Dutch Caribbean. This one day camp is packed with tons of fun activities surrounding portion control, hydration, physical activity, eating together as a family & much more, all created to help children adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year, our One Day Camp is on the move! We’ll be visiting your camps with the same action packed, educational fun. The F-Unstoppable One Day on the Move Camp promises a memorable, educational and exhilarating experience.

MILO® Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic (Jamaica)
The MILO® Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic is a nutrition based education programme designed to support coaches and athletes with knowledge and skills to support athletes’ optimal sport performance. Key educational elements of the programme include lectures by a Sports Nutritionist / Nutritionist on nutrition for optimal performance to coaches and students, lectures from a physiotherapist / sports psychologist and motivational speeches from a Past Elite Athlete/ Coach/ Lifestyle Coach, along with sessions on topics of concern or current interest to athletes.

A robust ‘Marketing Communication to Children’ policy

Our communication is supported by an industry-leading Policy on Marketing Communication to Children (pdf, 6Mb). All communication to children follows responsible marketing principles and is limited to foods and beverages meeting specific nutritional profiles.