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Programmes & services


Promoting good nutrition to parents and caregivers

Adopting good nutrition practices from an early age is essential to becoming a healthy adult. However, establishing healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits is not always easy or intuitive for parents and caregivers.

Nestlé Start Healthy Stay Healthy helps parents understand what and how to feed their baby in the first 1000 days of life. In line with WHO recommendations, it promotes exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life, followed by the introduction of nutritious foods that complement sustained breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond.

For children and adolescents, our large-scale grassroots and online programmes provide parents and caregivers with practical tools and solutions to help them raise healthier kids. In collaboration with over 300 partners worldwide, our school-dedicated module empowers teachers and children with nutrition education and promotes healthy lifestyles in the school environment.

The Healthy Kids Programme
Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean Region’s Healthy Kids Programme epitomises our commitment to nutrition, health and wellness. Launched in 2011 in Trinidad and Tobago and in Jamaica was endorsed by Ministry of Education, Youth and Information , this three to six year primary school programme teaches children how to live a healthy lifestyle through a combination of nutrition education and regular physical activity. In 2017, the program was executed in 23 schools in Trinidad and Jamaica, and will be executed in 28 schools in 2018

Nestlé Summer Camp and Nestlé Schools Wellness Fiesta
For more than a decade, Nestlé’s Summer Camp hosted children between the ages of 6 -12 in Trinidad and Tobago which takes place for 3 weeks an executed one day programme has been a highlight of school vacation for kids. Over the last 20 years, thousands of children come out to enjoy themselves for these one-day outings at Nestlé’s Factory where they learn how to lead a healthy Lifestyle.

In Jamaica, the Nestle Schools Wellness Fiesta, launched in 2010 has been a day of fun activities where thousands of school aged children along with their teachers and the wider public learn about the importance of nutrition, health and wellness as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

MILO® Energy Zone
The MILO® Energy Zone is a programme in Jamaica executed in primary level schools in Jamaica, which focuses on the role that good nutrition and physical activity play in supporting the health of growing children. The activities of the programme are done on a grade by grade basis and include a nutrition talk (covering guidelines for building a balanced breakfast, benefits of a balanced breakfast and the global guideline for physical activity for children), a fun physical activity session followed by a sample of MILO® and interactive educational material reinforcing the content of talk for parents/caregivers to do with the children at home. Execution of the programme at each school requires that Nestlé receives authorization from the school and signing of consent forms by the parents/guardians of participating students. The MEZ programme reached 8393 students in 2017.

The MILO® PTA Talk is a programme aimed at informing parents of the role that a balanced breakfast and regular physical activity play in supporting the cognitive and physical development of children. In seeking to support parents with the knowledge to help shape their children’s nutrition and physical activity habits, the MILO® PTA talks provides guidance to parents via a ten (10) minute presentation supported by an educational booklet for additional reading. The programme was launched in Jamaica in 2017 and reached 1862 parents.

MILO® Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic
The MILO® Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle Clinic is a nutrition based education programme designed to support coaches and athletes with knowledge and skills to support athletes’ optimal sport performance. Key educational elements of the programme include lectures by a Sports Nutritionist / Nutritionist on nutrition for optimal performance to coaches and students, lectures from a physiotherapist / sports psychologist and motivational speeches from a Past Elite Athlete/ Coach/ Lifestyle Coach, along with sessions on topics of concern or current interest to athletes.

A robust ‘Marketing Communication to Children’ policy

Our communication is supported by an industry-leading Policy on Marketing Communication to Children (pdf, 6Mb). All communication to children follows responsible marketing principles and is limited to foods and beverages meeting specific nutritional profiles.