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Nestlé Milk FAQs

Nestlé wishes to confirm that it is taking every step to investigate what appears to be an isolated case of mould in Full Cream UHT Milk.

Nestlé takes every precaution in the manufacturing and handling of its products.  However, damage to the packaging may occur if the item falls or is dented during transportation or handling, for example. Such an occurrence can allow air to enter the package causing mould growth inside of milk products, or if the storage and consumption conditions, as displayed on the package, are not respected.

NESTLE Full Cream UHT Milk products are made in our Valsayn factory under an internationally certified aseptic (sterile and hygienic) process that ensures the quality of both products and packaging.  Our products are extensively tested at all points on the production chain - before, during and after manufacture. This includes our Milk products and our Tetra Pak packaging, which is made up of six layers that ensure that the product's quality is maintained at the highest level.

Nestlé applies internationally recognised Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system to ensure quality and safety in all of our products. These practices are verified annually by both internal and external certification bodies.  Further, Nestlé’s facility is audited yearly for hygienic compliance and is Food Safety System Certified 22000.

In addition to continuous internal training, Nestlé collaborates closely with its transport contractors, distributors and retail partners to ensure high standards in transportation and pack handling. We encourage our consumers to check the general condition of the packaging to ensure that the integrity of the package is intact and follow storage and consumption instructions as stated on pack.

Nestlé places paramount importance on the safety of its products and the satisfaction of its consumers. We encourage consumers with any complaints to contact the company via the Nestlé Care Centre Hotline – 800 NEST (800 6378) or on social media platforms @nestlecaribbean and our website.