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How we make an impact

Business benefits and positive societal impact must be mutually reinforcing. This is the core of Creating Shared Value.

We believe that Creating Shared Value enables us to optimize value for our shareholders and have a long-term positive impact on all stakeholders connected to our business.

We develop our products based on the latest research and technology to ensure that good nutrition is as good as it tastes. We do this by striking the right balance of making a product taste good and ensuring it has the optimal amounts of micronutrients. Because if children won’t eat our products, this is a missed opportunity to positively impact their lives through good nutrition.

Patricia Siwajek
Patricia Siwajek Registered Dietician and Senior Nutrition, Health & Wellness Expert, Nestlé Research

I became a better human being, a better parent. Now I can be close to my children, to raise them, and, most importantly, I can keep the promise I made to my grandfather.

Eduardo Camarena
Eduardo Camarena Coffee Farmer supplying to Nescafé

This is my legacy… I worked hard to bring my business to where it is today and my children won’t have to face the difficulties that I did. I would like them to continue the business and use their education to develop it further.

Bandera Menike
Bandera Menike Dairy Farmer supplying to Nestlé

Our bold ambitions for a better future

Our purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. We have three ambitions to help us do this.
Our Ambitions