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What should I do if something doesn’t seem right with my product?

At Nestlé our top priority is taste and quality. We are committed to ensuring that consumers have a superior experience every time they consume one of our products. This is only made possible through constant dialogue with our consumers about their product experience. Therefore, we welcome and encourage your feedback when you’ve had a good experience but especially when you feel like something doesn’t feel right. We take all your queries seriously, so we want to let you know more about our feedback process.

You can contact an agent at 800-NEST/[email protected] for Trinidad or -888-1NESTLE/[email protected] for Jamaica. 

Letting us know about your experience starts the process of us understanding what might be wrong. The moment that you feel that something is not right you should contact us immediately.

It’s important that you keep your product so that we can reference the batch number and use the product for testing. A field representative will collect your product, so that our experts in the quality assurance lab can test your product, and we keep you informed of the findings. 

We make sure that you don’t incur any loses, so we will exchange your previous product with a new one. 

Your packaging says a thousand words! Always check the expiry date, seals and packaging for possible damages. With cartons, check for swollen appearance, leaks, bad odors and opened or tampered caps. We take every precaution in the manufacturing and handling of our products. However, damage to the packaging may occur if the item falls or is dented during transportation or handling.