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Interview Process


Recruitment is the strategic approach to the acquisition of talent for Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago and Nestlé Caribbean Inc., as defined by business needs. We support business growth, redesign, acquisition and attrition. Our Recruitment team locally manages the

1. Application

Our global eRecruiting solution includes opportunities in 48 countries. If your search doesn’t reveal the right role for you there, or you are looking to explore opportunities in other countries, visit our search for jobs page.

2. Selection

After we receive your application, we’ll analyse your CV and background to measure your match against the role profile. You’ll then be contacted by one of our recruitment team.

The next phase is a series of individual interviews with Human Resources team – either by phone, on-line or face-to-face interview. Excel and you’ll then be interviewed by the appropriate line manager. It is worth noting that we’ll be looking at your potential fit with our culture as well as exploring your achievements and motivations.

Throughout, we’ll use competency based interviewing techniques that will draw on your experiences and real examples from your professional life.

If you are applying for a graduate programme and you excel at interviewing stage, you’ll be asked to an Assessment Centre. Here you’ll be assessed alongside other candidates and you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to make a lasting impression.

3. Job offer

The first thing we offer you is congratulations on reaching this stage. We’ll welcome you on to the Nestlé team and give you more information about your induction. To reach this stage generally takes about two months.

4. Induction

Our induction programmes vary from market to market. However, they all include a welcome to your department, an overview of our business and an introduction to your function and role objectives. Throughout, you’ll have all the support and help you need to succeed.