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LinkedIn Learning Competition

Nestlé Needs Youth mobilizes its goal of increasing the employability of youth, by partnering with other like-minded companies. Together we develop opportunities that support youth as they launch their professional careers.

Recently, we partnered with Thrive to give 25 young people free access to LinkedIn Learning until October 31st, 2020. This unique opportunity can help young people accelerate their career as they acquire skills for a successful future.

The courses are taught by industry experts in business, technology and creative skills, and participants have the freedom to browse the entire LinkedIn Learning Library and learn topics in any industry aligned to their goals. We have also created five exclusive learning pathways for youth that focus attention on the most relevant content.


Learning Pathways:


Transitioning to the business world from academia or other work experiences can be challenging and requires a new set of skills and capabilities.  These include the importance of building professional relationships, the need to communicate effectively and confidently, the ability to manage your time and priorities and the drive to deliver results.  This learning path provides instruction and guidance on many of these business fundamentals that will help set you up for success.

The Microsoft Office Suite is not only an industry-leading set of applications but has become the default suite of productivity tools across most businesses. This learning path will help you get up-to-speed with Office, regardless of your experience level.  These courses cover the essentials of Office 365, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Emotional Intelligence (often referred to as EQ)has become one of the primary factors in achieving professional success, even more critical than IQ.  This learning path will help you better understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important.  Along the way, you’ll learn to develop greater self-awareness and become more mindful of your own strengths and limitations.

Managing your career is a lifelong skill that comes into play at every stage of your professional journey.  This learning path will help you establish solid practices for building a career plan and thriving when taking on a new job or joining a new company. 

Adopting a growth mindset is a key ingredient in achieving stronger performance and realizing your own potential.  People who cultivate a growth mindset believe that talent and capabilities can grow.  They also avoid negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs.  This learning path will introduce you to the concept of a growth mindset and help you understand how shifts in your thinking can help you become more resilient, enhance your emotional well-being and enable you to get greater enjoyment from your work.

How to Enter

  1. Follow us on Instagram @nestleneedsyouthcaribbean
  2. Comment on any of our LinkedIn Learning Competition posts, telling us in 300 characters or less how this opportunity will help you reach your goals and support your community.
  3. Tag a friend in your comment to let them know about the competition
  4. 25 participants will be then be shortlisted and chosen at random selection
  5. The competition ends on the 27th of July
  6. The winner will be announced on the 28th of July


  • You must be between the ages of 16-29 to enter.
  • You will have access to the full LinkedIn Learning Library from August 1st – October 31st. You can do as many courses as desired within this time.
  • Your activity will be monitored throughout the 3 month period. Users deemed inactive will not be allowed to continue, and their spot will be awarded to someone else.
  • Accepting your spot means you agree to share your experience of using this tool, what you were able to accomplish, and how this has helped you with our team, to be shared on our Instagram channel and website.

Gaining new skills is mandatory if you want to stay competitive in today’s job market. So, we know that you will use the opportunity to set yourself above the competition. These new skills can be added to your resume, launch you into a new field of interest or improve your current job performance.