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What is the difference between the blue pack and green pack full cream milks?

Q1: What is the difference between the blue pack and green pack 100% full cream milks?

The blue pack is our 100% local fresh full cream cow’s milk collected daily from farms in Trinidad. The green pack is our reconstituted full cream milk. Both are made at our factory in Valsayn daily.

Q2: What do ‘reconstituted full cream milk’ and ‘fresh full cream milk’ mean?
Fresh milk is milk collected from farms that then undergoes UHT treatment at the factory and then reaches you.

Reconstituted Milk is milk made from powdered milk (which consists of milk ingredients) and water to give you a glass of milk or to give you the fluid version of milk. It is what you would have done at home, when adding water to powdered milk. In this case, Nestlé has done this step for you.

While one product is fresh and the other is reconstituted, they are both full cream milks and they provide similar levels of nutrition, where they meet local regulatory requirements for the definition of “full cream” milk with

  • Not less than 3% fat
  • Not less than 8.5% milk solids non-fat

Similar levels of nutrition can be seen on the nutrition labels on the packages.

Q3: Why do you provide different types of Full Cream Milk?
Milk is very important to Nestlé because it is an easy way to incorporate good nutrition into your diet for you and for your family. We have learnt a lot from you our consumers when it comes to milk and consumers preferred milk taste profile.

Some of you prefer the fresh Cow’s milk and some of you prefer a slightly different tasting Milk option which is the reconstituted milk. While one product is fresh the other is reconstituted they provide similar levels of nutrition as indicated in the Nutrition Information on the packages. We also want to ensure that everyone has access to good nutrition as well.