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Cheerios is all about making mornings more wholesome and fun for the whole family. Cheerios is packed with nutritional goodness that goes around and around. Oats is the first ingredient of each crunchy O, making it a great source of fibre and protein. Oats is the champion among grains because they’re high in beta-glucan, a soluble fibre proven to help lower cholesterol. 

We chose oats as the number one ingredient and they are selected using a thorough screening process. From the growing to the miling to the toasting we want to make sure that all its benefits reaches your bowl in a sustainable way. We want our oats to be hearty, healthy and nutrient-rich.

Set the breakfast table with a box of Cheerios so that the goodness goes around to the whole family.

Good to know

Did you know that every Nestlé breakfast cereal with the green banner is made with whole grain? Whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet. So whatever your age and lifestyle, there's a Nestlé breakfast cereal to help give you a good start to the day.