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“T&T, we want a goal!” MILO® & FC Barcelona to Host 1st of its kind Champions Cup in Spain

Call for registration from NESTLÉ for teams in T&T Trial

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POS, Trinidad,
May 02, 2019

On Monday November 21st, 2016, NESTLÉ MILO and FC Barcelona signed a 4-year partnership to promote healthier lifestyles through physical activity among children, the company’s first time entering into a partnership of this kind with a sports club. Over the course of the partnership, the two brands will conduct a series of initiatives across Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America, with the aim of positively impacting over 22 million youngsters. The MILO Champions Cup, to be held in Barcelona, Spain in July/August 2019, is one such initiative which will get the partners closer to their “22 million” aim.

In 2018, the brands envisioned creating an activity that would not only help youths live more healthily, but that would make healthy living an aspirational goal. To do that, they looked at endeavours that inspired and motivated the masses. The World Cup is one such endeavor, an international sporting event, that fit this bill. The brands decided to create their own Cup, so youngsters would strive to compete to win; their nutrition, health and wellness playing a major role in their ability to do so.  And so, the MILO Champions Cup was born. The Cup is an under 12 international football tournament with its very first edition kicking off in 2019. 

NESTLÉ MILO Trinidad and Tobago is now in search of an 8-member team who will represent our country at the first ever MILO Champions Cup. The winning team will head to Barcelona, Spain to compete against national teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Panama, Jamaica and other nations, to determine who will emerge victorious as winners of the first ever MILO Champions Cup. The winning team must comprise of at least 2 female members and all footballers must not have crossed the age of 12 by July 31st 2019. 

Local trials begin in Tobago on May 19th at Mount Pleasant Grounds, and continue in Trinidad on May 26th at the Marvin Lee Stadium, also known as The Ball Park. The final trial takes place on June 9th at the same venue.

If you’re a coach or an individual that trains young footballers, the Good Food, Good Life company is calling YOU to register your team to compete in the national trials to determine Team TTO that will head to Barcelona, Spain to bring home the first MILO Champions Cup. 

Online registration begins May 6th, but if you’d like to sign up before that, call-in or email are both options. To register, search for “MILO Caribbean” on Facebook and follow the instructions (from Monday May 6th), or call 222-6029 or email [email protected] as early as today. As part of the registration process, teams must bring along 3 full packs of MILO 400 gram to the trial. These packs will be donated by NESTLÉ once the competition is complete. 

In T&T, the MILO Champion Cup’s predecessor was the MILO FC Barcelona Football Skills Tournament. In 2017 and 2018, NESTLÉ TT introduced this tournament to contribute to MILO and FC Barcelona’s “22 million” youth goal. Through that tournament, the company impacted over 900 young girls and boys locally, who came out to compete for the grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona, Spain. In 2017 3 youngsters went to Barcelona and in 2018, 5. 

There they joined other children, ages seven to 12, and had the opportunity not only to train with Barça coaches for 2 days, but to also tour Barcelona City and Camp Nou. In 2019, 8 youngsters will have a similar opportunity, but this time, bragging rights as the winners of the first MILO Champions Cup, are also at stake.

For further information on the MILO Champions Cup T&T Trials, visit “MILO Caribbean” on Facebook, call 222-6029, 800-NEST or email [email protected].

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About the MILO Champions Cup 
On Monday November 21st, 2016, FC Barcelona and NESTLÉ MILO® officially announced their new 4-year sponsorship deal - the first agreement of its kind for NESTLÉ with a sports club. The announcement was made at FC Barcelona’s Training Grounds, Camp Nou. As part of the partnership, Barça and NESTLÉ, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in the same year (2016), will join forces to promote the importance of education, nutrition and sport. Through the partnership, these two well-known brands will conduct a series of initiatives across Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America, impacting the lives of over 22 million youngsters in their formative years (seven to 12). 

In T&T, NESTLÉ Trinidad and Tobago has hosted the MILO® Football Skills Tournament in 2017 and 2018 as one of its initiatives to advance this mission. In 2019, NESTLÉ TT will host a series of trial matches to determine a winning team that will compete against other national teams to bring home the MILO Champions Cup, the first of its kind. 


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