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Aug 06, 2019

Jamaica takes 1st and Trinidad 2nd after Penalty Shootout at MILO Champions Cup in Spain, Powered by FC Barcelona

The FIRST ever MILO Champions Cup held in Barcelona Spain courtesy MILO and FC Barcelona came to a close on August 3rd, 2019. Teams from Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago competed valiantly, tying for 2nd place in the League Cup both advancing to MILO Champions Cup Final. 

Team Jamaica takes first place in MILO Champions Cup
Team Jamaica takes first place in MILO Champions Cup

The teams consisting of 6 boys and 2 girls vied against teams from Chile, Colombia, Eastern & Southern Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam in the group (League) phase of the competition. After each team played the other in the League on August 1st and 2nd, team Trinidad & Tobago and Team Jamaica emerged winners via a tie; both teams having amassed the highest number of match wins and goal differences. 


Team Jamaica wins penalty shootout
Team Jamaica wins penalty shootout

Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Thailand and Colombia then advanced to the MILO Champions Cup Final and after a knock-out round, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica faced-off for the final. The match ended in a tie, only to be broken via penalty kicks, with Jamaica taking the title as the MILO Champions Cup overall winner. 

Darrel Garcia of team Trinidad & Tobago received honourable recognition for achieving “Most Tournament Goals Scored.” Both teams plays commendably, making their coaches, teams and countries proud.  

Team Trinidad & Tobago celebrate their silver cup
Team Trinidad & Tobago celebrate their silver cup

After the MILO Champions Cup Final, the teams enjoyed a fiercely competitive match between FC Barcelona and Arsenal at Camp Nou on Sunday August 4th before beginning their journey back on August 5th. Head Coach of Cox Academy Dennis Cox who accompanied the girls and boys expressed great pride in his youngsters for their fearlessness and lauded Nestlé and FC Barcelona for providing the children the opportunity to not only visit Spain, but to participate in an activity with one of the most revered football clubs known today.


Team Jamaica Team Trinidad
Coach - Sydney McFarlane 

Orane Watson
Le'Jhaun Bailey
Alana Picknight
Jamelia Thomas
Keneil Segree
Justin Murray
Denzel McKenzie 
Daniel Clarke

Coach - Dennis Cox

Mikhail Clement
Vaughn Clement
Abigail Cornwall
Donovan Drayton
Derrel Garcia
Kai Ollivierra
Adam Pierre
Shadasia Sanchez

About the MILO Champions Cup 
On Monday November 21st, 2016, FC Barcelona and NESTLÉ MILO® officially announced their new 4-year sponsorship deal - the first agreement of its kind for NESTLÉ with a sports club. The announcement was made at FC Barcelona’s Training Grounds, Camp Nou. As part of the partnership, Barça and NESTLÉ, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in the same year (2016), will join forces to promote the importance of education, nutrition and sport. Through the partnership, these two well-known brands will conduct a series of initiatives across Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America, impacting the lives of over 22 million youngsters in their formative years (7 to 12). 

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