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Other functions

Here is a selection of areas in which you could join Nestlé and help us enhance lives every day, adding lasting and tangible value to consumers, communities and colleagues.

Human Resources (HR)

As the function attracting, developing and engaging more of the exceptional talent that we need to grow our business, HR offers opportunities in three key areas. You could continue your career in HR business partnership helping line managers improve business performance through people. If you’ve proven experience in recruitment, development or another specialist HR area, you’ll join our team devoted to specialism. Or you could join our Centre of Scale, the group that ensures our employees have their essential needs taken care of so they can focus on what they do best.

Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT)

As part of our IS/IT team, you’ll unleash technology’s potential by unlocking your own. One of the key channels you’ll have for doing this will be our GLOBE program. GLOBE is a major worldwide business and IS initiative that is creating common best practices and infrastructures. As a part of GLOBE, you’ll join a project team working to implement Best Business Practices and Processes through our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This will involve deepening your SAP skills, working alongside colleagues from diverse backgrounds and shaping our thinking with yours.

Supply Chain

In the midst of significant change, our supply chain function is a great platform for driven, collaborative supply chain professionals. You’ll help us gain a real competitive edge with our supply chain. Whether you join us in Demand and Supply Planning, Procurement, Physical Logistic or Customer Service, you’ll bring us closer to customers by making sure our products are there at the right time in the time condition.

Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE)

SHE has always been a core principle instilled at the heart of our operations since inception of the factory. As we have progressed through the years we have implemented and sustained Safety, Health and Environmental management systems that has enable us to meet and exceed our SHE objectives. In our constant efforts to strive for excellence, in 2010 we received OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certification for our Safety and Health and Environment management systems and is recognized as a leader in SHE within the manufacturing industry.

In the short-to-near term we will continue to focus primarily on preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and environmental harm to our employees, visitor, on-site contractors and receiving environment. However, in the longer term our approach will be broader; it will encompass health promotion and wellness, and off-the-job safety, and we will seek to positively influence the Safety and Health of others throughout our value chain. This more holistic approach will not only align with our philosophy of caring but also bring broader benefits to our colleagues, our business and the communities in which we operate.

We strive to recruit and develop safety, health and environment professionals and their capabilities enabling them to drive SHE excellence through radically increasing levels of personal ownership for SHE across Nestlé. This means that in the future, success for the SHE function will be less about what the function does itself, and more about what it trains and enables others to do. This will require different ways of working and exceptional leadership skills in areas like influencing, coaching, and change management. Come join us for a career in the Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) Department and begin an exciting journey to SHE excellence