Nestlé Caribbean (NCI)

Nestlé Caribbean Incorporated (NCI) is the legal entity formed to manage the Nestlé portfolio of products in the 19 Caribbean countries (territories) where we do not have an operating company. Having a career in NCI means that every day, through our world renowned brands, you get the opportunity to delight our consumers and entrench Nestlé as the leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness.

There is the excitement of working with the world’s favourite, high quality products and the challenge of interacting with our Customers in all 19 countries to drive a mutually profitable business. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career as you learn how to generate demand and deliver a competitive advantage as the expert in distributor management and regional logistics. You will see from day one how all your decisions and actions in your role deliver growth and profitability, enhancing the organization’s results.

The efficient movement of goods through the Caribbean Region is a tremendous challenge, so a resourceful Supply Chain and Customer Service network is the backbone of our operation. Doing so profitably requires a sharp finance team able to anticipate risks and manage a relationship with several customers to help drive business and growth.

NCI is a solution for any Nestlé business seeking to distribute and support its brands in the Caribbean Region. NCI seeks to employ individuals who can contribute to driving results throughout the organization. Across our different territories, we are the key contact accountable for the execution or resolution of any activities and issues in all functional areas, such as, Marketing, Supply Chain, Consumer Relation Management, Sales, Distribution, Compliance and Quality Assurance. With this scope of operations, there is a high probability that a seat is waiting for you regardless of the area of study.  Remember, managing 19 territories comes with understanding and appreciating 19 different cultures, economies, competitive situations, distributor resources and nine currencies, all while working remotely. Are you up for the challenge?

Our NCI Customer Service Team
Our NCI Customer Service Team