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1962: Nestle's Valsayn Factory was commissioned.

In 1962, a new factory was commissioned at Valsayn to manufacture food products using indigenous raw materials including the manufacturing of Nescafé from local Robusta beans during this century. Since then, from an initial product range, the factory has developed to become the largest and most diversified food manufacturing enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago widening its range to incorporate both UHT products and fruit juices. Nestlé products such as Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk, Nestlé Full Cream and Low Fat Milks, Orchard Drinks and Juices are brand names that testify to be amongst the most popular in Trinidad and Tobago.

The principal role of the factory is the transformation of perishable agricultural raw materials into high quality products of international standard with a guaranteed high level of quality standards that are ISO certified. It serves as the technical hub of the company and is an essential process along the value chain in ensuring the maintenance of the absolute highest level of quality for our consumers whilst keeping our workplace safe for our employees. In supporting the business, the factory will continue to focus on these guiding principles whilst ensuring our costs remains competitive with efficient delivery in meeting the demands from our consumers. The mantra of the factory focuses on ‘going for zero’, with zero quality defects, injuries, waste, environmental impact and zero misses in delivery to our consumers.

In being a good corporate citizen, the factory also directly employs almost 250 persons on a permanent basis, and also offers seasonal and temporary employment to many more developing and empowering nationals in the industry whilst contributing to the development of the T&T economy.