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Engineering at Nestlé

The Engineering Department at Nestlé is key to the achievement of our organizational goals and objectives to ensure efficiency and productivity in a dynamic environment so that the best products are delivered to our customers and consumers each and every time.

The Engineering team indirectly supports the business by ensuring that the inputs to the factory which are non-product specific, example energy, like electricity and gas, water, compressed gases, including air, refrigeration and hygienic air handling processes are innovative and modern, using technological approaches that see us meeting and exceeding global standards.

Engineering is a diverse field which represents a wide range of skills, know- how and disciplines. At Nestlé, Engineering is cross aligned to many other areas including safety which is first in everything we do and directly linked to our processes and systems. At Nestle, we understand and support the development of people by fostering a culture of learning, high-performance and by encouraging and supporting teamwork. A career in Engineering at Nestle will be the start of hands-on learning from the leaders in the industry using best practices and high standards.