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Nestlé Orchard

Orchard logo
  • ORCHARD® has been the perfectly natural choice in the Caribbean for over 50 years. ORCHARD® has been providing the Caribbean consumers healthy refreshment through nutritionally superior fruit & juice-based beverages, while respecting the environment.​
  • ORCHARD®’s ability to remain a household name for generations is based on a passion for deeply understanding consumer needs and delivering on them.​
  • Our 100% Juices offer a unique range of Super Premium , Premium, products that are aligned with the growing trends of products that are naturally rich with intrinsic health benefits without compromising on taste. We also offer juices now with less sugar in our Mainstream and Economy ranges.​

Super Premium 


ORCHARD 100% Pineapple Juice NSA W SCap 12x1L
ORCHARD 100% Apple Juice NSA W SCap 12x1L
ORCHARD 100% Concord Grape Blend NSA 12x1L
ORCHARD 100% Orange Juice NSA 12x1L

ORCHARD® 100% Premium Range

All natural 100% Premium Juice with No Added Sugar:

  • For Health Seekers and Families focusing on Nutrition, Health and Wellness 
  • Great tasting
  • Variety of delicious options


ORCHARD® Mainstream RTD Juices 

Available in 1L, 250ml and 200ml sizes for consumers that are looking for:

  • Drink options for their kid’s Lunch Kit
  • A Variety of Flavours
  • A Refreshment to accompany meals
  • On the go convenience
  • And offers natural flavours and less sugar


ORCHARD Apple Cherry NR W SCap 12x1L
ORCHARD Apple Drink NR W SCap 12x1L
ORCHARD Apple Grape Drink 12x1L
ORCHARD Fruit Punch NR2 W SCap 12x1L
ORCHARD Grapefruit Drink W SCap NR 12x1L
ORCHARD Guava Pine Drink 12x1L
ORCHARD Orange Carrot Drink 12x1L
ORCHARD Orange Drink NR2 12x1L
ORCHARD Orange Pine Drink 12x1L


ORCHARD Apple Cherry Drink 24x200ml
ORCHARD Apple Drink 24x200ml
ORCHARD Fruit Punch Drink NR 24x200ml
ORCHARD Guava Pine Drink 24x200ml
ORCHARD Orange Carrot Drink 24x200ml
ORCHARD Orange Drink NR 24x200ml


ORCHARD Apple Drink NR 24x250ml N1
ORCHARD Apple Cherry Drk NR 24x250ml N1
ORCHARD Fruit Punch NR2 24x250ml N1
ORCHARD Orange Drink NR2 24x250ml


ORCHARD Orange Papp PartyMix 12x1L
ORCHARD Partymix FruitPunch NR2 12x1L
ORCHARD Partymix Orange NR 12x1L

ORCHARD® Party Mix

Available in 1L and 250 ml sizes for those seeking for more value:

  • It’s a 4:1 ratio, meaning a 1L pack when mixed with 3L of water provides 4L of juice 
  • Provides at least 20% more value when reconstituted and ready for consumption
  • Great tasting
  • Variety of delicious flavour options