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Nestlé Jamaica has officially announced the launch of two new sweetened condensed milk products, both being co-manufactured with SEPROD locally in Jamaica and sold across the Caribbean. The announcement was made at the official ceremony of the consolidated Serge Island Dairy launch at the Bybrook factory on May 28th.

Jamaican Prime Minister The Most Honourable Andrew Holness cuts the ribbon signifying the official launch of the consolidated Serge Island Dairies plant at Bogwalk, St Catherine

Partnering to win

 Nestlé and SEPROD inked a co-manufacturing agreement in March, resulting in the introduction of these two new sweetened condensed milk products:

  • NESTLÉ Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk in 392gm and 
  • NESTLÉ GREEN BUTTERFLY Filled Sweetened Condensed Milk in 395gm. 
Consumers can expect to enjoy the thick rich texture and great taste of both products, reflecting the quality that Nestlé foods are synonymous with.  Leading innovation, the Green Butterfly Sweetened condensed filled milk is cholesterol free and contains reduced fats; perfect for enhancing both hot and cold beverages & dishes with the creamy, milky, sweetness of condensed milk.

We are very pleased to be once again in the forefront of the market with the reintroduction of the original Nestlé Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk that our consumers have been missing and asking for. We are answering that call and consumers can expect the highest quality. Daniel Caron, Country Manager of Nestlé Jamaica
Left to Right: Nestlé Head of Market Patricio Torres, Jamaican Prime Minister The Most Honourable Andrew Holness and Nestlé Jamaica Country Manager Daniel Caron examine Green Butterfly Sweetened Condensed Milk at the SEPROD Factory

Committed to the Caribbean Region

Speaking at the launch, Market Head of Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean Region, Patricio Torres said, “We are very happy to satisfy the needs of the Jamaican market. However, together with SEPROD, we are going to go much further — These Sweetened Condensed Milks will not only be sold here in Jamaica, they will be exported across the Anglo-Dutch Caribbean region — throughout CARICOM and beyond. This is a mark of Nestlé’s faith in SEPROD as a company with both the quality standards and the manufacturing expertise and capacity to deliver in the highly competitive regional export market.” reaffirming Nestlé’s commitment to the Dairy industry in the region.

“It is also a mark of Nestlé’s faith in the Jamaican manufacturing sector as a whole.” – Patricio Torres, Market Head


Left to Right: Nestlé Jamaica Country Manager Daniel Caron, Nestlé Head of Market Patricio Torres, and Nestlé Business Executive Officer Sean Wallace.
Nestlé Jamaica exited the category in 2015, when it divested its Bybrook factory operations along with local brands SUPLIGEN and BETTY to the Musson Group. According to Country Manager, Daniel Caron, “The decision to divest our local dairy business was a strategic one aimed at enabling further expansion and investment to ultimately reshape the business in Jamaica. However, we are now back with two different Sweetened Condensed Milk SKU’s both made locally here in Jamaica, and we are proud to support Jamaica in its leadership role in manufacturing in the Caribbean region.”

These two new sweetened condensed milk products were recently nominated in the Best New Product 2019 category of the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards.


Investing in Jamaica

Leading up to its re-entry into the Sweetened Condensed Milk category, Nestlé Jamaica has seen exponential increase in its operations.  Moving from a staff complement of 86 at its Knutsford Boulevard Head Office to over 200 employees since the July 2017 move to the 1 South Street Ferry Pen Head Office and Distribution Centre along the Nelson Mandela Highway.

As an added vote of confidence in the Jamaican people and economy, Jamaica now serves as a hub for the Northern Caribbean region for Nestlé global distribution to countries such as Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Belize and 10 other islands. Additionally, Nestlé continues to articulate a commitment to its operations in Jamaica by recently launching its Health & Wellness Foundation in Jamaica.