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Hasely Crawford, Ato Boldon, Jehue Gordon, Michelle Lee Ahye, Fana Ashby. What do these names have in common? Besides being inspiring Trinidad and Tobago National Athletes, they all debuted at the MILO® Games, now called the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games, powered by MILO®.

Walking the Talk

At Nestlé, we take our responsibility to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, seriously. Our MILO® brand’s sponsorship of the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games for 32 years is a testament not only to our commitment to healthy and active lifestyles, but to nurturing ambitions and passions through sport, while teaching values and lessons for the future, along the way. 

We renamed the ‘MILO® West Games’ to ‘The Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games’ in recognition of the tremendous contribution of Lead Organizer, Mr Kelvin Nancoo, whose expertise, time and dedication have been invaluable to the Games.

"We stand for the enduring belief that working toward a goal has the power to transform, and that sport teaches great values that prepare children for their lives ahead." - Raymond Wallace, Business


This year MILO® has invested $150,000 TTD into the Games. In times when our young children and society at large are faced with many negative forces, we believe that engaging in sporting activities, being part of a team, and focusing on what is good, can be the driving force we need, not only to healthier living, but to more positive living too.

Future Champions

TTD$150,000 for 2019 Kelvin Nancoo Primary Schools Games

Speaking at the media launch for the Games, Raymond Wallace, Business Executive Officer at Nestlé shared “As I look into the audience today, I see so much talent and future potential; Olympians of the future. Like so many successful athletes who have passed through these Games, YOU have the opportunity to soar; to make your dreams a reality; to make yourself, your family, your country, proud. It all starts with YOU. With living as healthily and as actively as you can be, and we, Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago will always be here to support you.”

While the focus of these games is the competitive aspect, the reality is that sport is a universal language. There's nothing that builds unity like sport, and it's important that we acknowledge the contribution over the years of MILO®. It's not often that you get a corporate sponsor that remains with a sport for this length of time. Brian Lewis, President of Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee

Ephraim Serrette, President of the National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago, also offered remarks at the media launch, adding that the Kelvin Nancoo Games were the “training grounds” for many athletes who go on to compete at National Championships. He attributed the success of schools in the Northern District at the Championships to participation by its students in the Kelvin Nancoo Games.

Let the Games Begin

This year, more than 8,000 North-East and North-West students will be positively impacted by MILO®’s sponsorship of the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games. Over our 32 years of support, more than 30,000 children have participated in the Games.

The 2019 edition of the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games takes place on March 19th, with the East District Schools and March 20th, with the West, both at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

The Diamond Vale Government made history, winning the Championship 32 times in its 32-year tenure, while Success RC continued their winning streak at the East District schools’ meet.

Diamond Vale first placed, Diego Martin girls second placed and Crystal Stream Gov't third placed.

Students of Success RC. This year's East B winners of the Kelvin Nancoo Primary School Games

After 32 years, the Games have become part of our DNA at Nestlé, and is aligned with our global commitment to help 50 million children live healthier lifestyles by 2030.