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How many of us are consuming the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day?

We understand that it’s not always easy to grow or buy, wash and prep the right balance of fruits and vegetables in the right number of servings each day. Our fast-paced lives seek convenient options that are nutritious, tasty and simple. This is where Orchard steps in, proud to meet this need with their nourishing new Orchard Fruit & Veggie medleys – 100% juice with no added sugar.

New Orchard Fruit & Veggie
100% Juice range
This new range of Orchard products includes: 
Green Medley – a combination of spinach, kale, parsley, broccoli, apples, pineapple, bananas, kiwi, pumpkin, and

Yellow Medley -  packed with mangoes, peaches, apples, butternut squash, pears, carrots and sweet potato,

with 2 additional medleys soon to be launched. Rich in Antioxidants – A, C and E, one serving or 250 ml provides 1 cup of fruit and vegetables with only 137 calories and no added sugar.  Convenient and ready to drink, the medleys are packaged in FSCTM certified Tetra Pak packaging, and are 100% recyclable at iCare Recycling bin locations nationwide in Trinidad.



Locally Produced Quality

Launched in 1976, the Orchard brand has been a household name in the Caribbean for more than 40 years, always at the forefront of consumer and industry trends. Since 2015, Orchard has taken proactive steps to reduce added sugar across their traditional range, and has accelerated product development into new offerings that satisfy Caribbean consumer’s needs for taste, nutrition and convenience. 
“Orchard has been produced locally right here in Valsayn [Trinidad] for generations, always with the primary focus on nutrition, health and wellness. We want to show that we can produce products locally that can compete with, if not exceed, the quality and taste of imported products, driving innovation ahead of industry trends.” – Elisa Doldron, Business Executive Officer Core Business, Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean.


Over the past 4 years, Orchard reduced sugar in juice drinks by 40 per cent as part of their drive to make healthier products that taste great. In 2018, they introduced their new 200ml pack size, as well as an exciting new family of flavours, ranging from piña colada to apple mandarin to orange carrot. The introduction of the new Orchard Fruit & Veggie blends reinforces Nestlé’s exemplified commitment to and investment in products produced in the Caribbean.

Nutrition does not exclude great taste

Ever evolving to meet consumer needs, two elements remain cornerstones for Orchard – nutrition and taste; core qualities of Nestlé products.

Speaking at the launch of the Orchard Fruit & Veggie medleys, Patricio Torres, Head of Market Nestlé Anglo Dutch Caribbean Region said, “It’s a great moment for us today, and we will continue with many great surprises for our consumers to maintain our historical role of being ahead with consumer trends. But it’s not just anticipating and identifying trends, it is setting the trend. We combine nutrition - offering consumers a healthy option for their life, with good taste, compromising neither. This is a part of our DNA. Taste and nutrition are not opposites. Our team has worked for some time to give attention to detail to this product and deliver the nutrition and taste that our consumers deserve.”

To enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, we keep innovation and renovation at the core of our business strategy, in order to provide products, services and activities that support our consumer’s needs holistically and help them live more healthily, now. Orchard has chosen to develop this range of fruit and vegetable medleys to contribute to an increased intake of the nutrition from fruits and vegetables in a tasty and convenient way.
Fruit & Veggie
Team Nestlé demonstrates the convenience of the new Orchard Fruit & Veggie Medleys, showing the time and cost savings associated with juicing the same ingredients contained in the medleys using raw ingredients. Left to Right: Elisa Doldron- Business Executive Officer Core Business, Jenny Hoyte – Category Manager Juices and Drinks, Shaunelle Mieres – Market Nutritionist, Ana Delia Amar – Brand Activation Coordinator, Stefan Trim – eBusiness Lead