Investing in YOUth

More than ever we need YOUth now
Meet Our People- YOUth Edition

Statistics show that 1 in every 5 young people are unemployed or either in a job that keeps them in poverty. This alarming statistic has been the stimuli for Nestlé to launch Nestlé Needs Youth. An initiative launched in 2013, with the sole objective of creating sustainable opportunities for young people to advance their professional career. We have made a global commitment to help 10 million young people worldwide access economic opportunities by 2030.

Andrena Matthews – YOCUTA Ambassador

“Nestlé continues to create opportunities for me to earn and represent a wonderful company, sharing great food, and a good life”
- Andrena Matthews – YOCUTA Ambassador





Young people have verbalised that their lack of formal experience, resources and limited network have undermined their chances of being gainfully employed. As such, Nestlé, strategically created four pillars of the program; get hired, get support, get skilled and get more opportunities, to give young people the edge they need to establish themselves in the world of work.


Sasha Bernard Business Marketing Nutritionist

“Nestlé has given me an opportunity to be able to use what I studied to give back to the community . They gave me a chance as a recent graduate with little to no working experience and for that, I am forever grateful”
- Sasha, Business Marketing Nutritionist




Che Mohammed Human Resources Intern

As a student in university I appreciate that Nestlé offered me an internship before I graduated. I can see the connection between the information I learn in lectures and the systems and processes in the company. For me this is an experience of a lifetime.
Che, Human Resources Intern




So far we have been able to positively impact 13,882 young people in the region, and we are continuing our efforts to increase this number. We understand the importance of investing in youth, because more than ever we need YOUth now. We need YOUth now to ensure that our businesses remain agile and current, and we need YOUth now to secure the world’s social and economic future. We want young people to know that their contributions and talents are sought after. We want to give them a platform so that they can display their talents and expand their network and skills.


Riyadh Mohammed

I was able to gain practical experience in Nestle at a very young age. This experience, to me is invaluable to my professional development as I get to work with experienced professionals who taught me more than a classroom ever will”
Riyadh, Field Service Analyst IT



Dwayne Milford

“Nestlé afforded the opportunity to hone my skills as a graphic artist, enhancing my craft”
- Dwayne, Graphic Artist



We recognize that the young people of our company are major contributors of our success. We’re highlighting our young workers and their experience at Nestlé by sharing what the opportunity has meant for them and the impact it has had on their professional development, with the hope of inspiring other companies to do the same.