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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Nestlé Needs YOUth Initiative?


It is an initiative taken by Nestlé, aiming at strengthening
and developing the employability of young people all over
Trinidad, through specific actions.
  • With more than 490 permanent employees in Trinidad and Tobago our intention is not to create 270 additional positions. However, the job opportunities which we create in the form of short term assignments, apprenticeships, internships and traineeships are very important, because they will provide to young people with limited or no work experience the possibility to practice what they have studied, to gain new capabilities and improve their employability. At the same time we are creating a network with our suppliers aiming to increase the possibilities for those people to be employed. We already have examples of young people who have worked in our company as interns and have now found a job in another company.

  • Yes. The young adults participating in the program will be paid either by Nestle or by a partnering organization (e.g. Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, On the Job Training (OJT) programme, universities etc), with the exception of the few cases where the organization itself does not allow a payment for the apprenticeship (some universities, for example).

  • Ensuring youths become more employable is the goal. The cry from the youth is that organizations require persons with work experience even for entry level positions and no one is giving them the opportunities. This is where we are attempting to fill the gap by offering work experience that they can leverage in other organizations.

  • In its ‘Call to Action on Youth Unemployment’ the European Commission defines “young people” as under the age of 25. We have extended our initiative beyond this, as unemployed young people between 25 and 29 face similar issues.

  • No, while this program focuses on people below 30 we hire people of all ages, depending on the specific skills and competences needed.

  • The program refers to all types of jobs, including at factories, distributions centres, sales, marketing and human resources as examples

  • No. This initiative aims to create conditions which will help young people to find a job, whether in our company or anywhere else, and it does not affect the number of our employees. Part of these new hires will cover the openings that result from the company’s normal turnover (e.g. retirements, transfers etc).

  • Our commitment is to hire people, to train people and if there is no vacancy in our company that suits their capabilities, to help them find a job with the experience they gain with us. The number of the new positions compared to the previous years depends on other business factors, such as development and investments. In Trinidad and Tobago we have managed to maintain our sustainable development in those difficult times of crisis. Nestlé employs more than 535 people, permanent and temporary. What is important to us is to maintain our competitiveness and if there are opportunities for development, they will certainly lead to the creation of new positions.