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Packaging to Preserve Quality – the Nestlé Way!

There are no preservatives in Nestlé’s milks, juices or juice drinks! So how do we keep them fresh and of the highest quality? We do it through the use of a revolutionary type of packaging called the Tetra Pak. In fact, Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago was the very first company in the entire Western Hemisphere to introduce Tetra Paks to keep our products fresh and safe!

Tetra Pak cartons are made up of six layers which help protect the milk, juice or juice drink inside from germs, sunlight, and air. These six special layers are made three materials. The main ingredient in all our packages is Paperboard, a recyclable raw material made from wood. Our Tetra Pak packs use just enough paperboard to make sure the package is stable, and sturdy.


We also use Polyethylene as an adhesive layer in between other layers. Polyethylene layers seal in the liquid and protect product from external moisture. The third and final ingredient in the package is Aluminium, which forms a barrier against light and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration and preventing spoilage without using preservatives.

The Tetra Pak pack contains a total of six layers in this order: polyethylene, paperboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil, polyethylene and polyethylene, ensuring that Nestlé’s products stay fresh for months without refrigeration (always check the package for the expiry date and remember, once you open a pack you should use the product within three days!).

Nestlé’s factory uses what is called an “aseptic process” to ensure quality of our products and packaging. Put simply, we make sure that everything in the production chain is commercially sterile, hygienic, and free of harmful bacteria. That includes food and packaging materials, all machinery and the environment in which the packaging takes place!

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