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Tastier and healthier choices

Mother and children

We believe that all foods and beverages can be enjoyable and play an important role in a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our brands and products accompany consumers’ lives from birth through adulthood, from breakfast to dinner, at home and elsewhere. We work to ensure the same level of commitment to quality, taste and nutrition across all our products, to touch lives in a positive way and continually earn consumers’ trust.

Our nutrition, health and wellness strategy is based on three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Pleasure and health: We believe that nutrition must have great taste if it is to be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet. People want their food to be both enjoyable and healthy, so if we are to win their preference our products must deliver in both taste and nutrition. This is challenging, and our team of highly qualified scientists and research experts has an objective to ensure our products across different categories not only taste better but also help people lead a healthier lifestyle.

  2. Eating with moderation and balance: We encourage responsible nutrition, moderation and variety in food habits. There is no such thing as bad food, whether sweet or savoury, fresh or frozen. Moderation and variety are two key components of an enjoyable, healthy and balanced diet. Our product range is designed to include a great variety of choices for every moment of the day and for all family members; we invite people to discover all the alternatives and integrate them in their diets in a balanced way.

  3. Transparent communication: We share with consumers the nutritional content and value, including energy, sugar, salt, fat, protein and fibre content of our products. We believe being transparent is the best way to win trust. Clear, user friendly, easy-to-understand nutrition information is highlighted consistently on billions of packs bought daily around the world. This information is included in the Nestlé Nutritional Compass.

Our long term commitment is to enable people to make informed choices about their diets and lifestyle, helping them care for themselves and their families.