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Corn Flakes®

Corn Flakes

Nestlé Corn Flakes is a favourite amongst cornflake lovers everywhere. Each crispy flake is made with natural whole grain and vitamins and minerals that give you a nutritious start on your day. Every spoon has the power to take away your morning blues because you know that you’re getting protein, calcium, fibre and iron to help you power through the day. The benefits of this classic crispy corn flake cannot be denied.

Don’t be afraid to rip open a box of Nestlé Corn Flakes so that you can start making your mornings something to remember.


Good to know

Did you know that every Nestlé breakfast cereal with the green banner is made with whole grain? Whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet. So whatever your age and lifestyle, there's a Nestlé breakfast cereal to help give you a good start to the day.