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Cini Minis®

Cini Minis

CiniMinis are crunchy little squares, coated with cinnamon that you can actually taste and see! These crunchy squares with cool swirls on every side is made with whole grain, and 8 important vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron.  This is what we call shameless pleasure. You get to enjoy a tasty treat without compromising the nutrients that you need.

Cini Minis is the only cereal with taste that you can see and crunch you can hear and lots of fun to share. These Cini Minis have big personalities, once consumed you automatically get energised. It’s the irresistible goodness that helps you to get on with your day. If you feel like you can’t go on let Cini Minis take over!

Good to know

Did you know that every Nestlé breakfast cereal with the green banner is made with whole grain? Whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet. So whatever your age and lifestyle, there's a Nestlé breakfast cereal to help give you a good start to the day.