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Agricultural Services

Dairy Development: using modern technology-driven approaches in the areas of Feeding & Nutrition

Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago has been involved in the dairy industry in Trinidad and Tobago since the inception of the State Lands Development Programme 52 years ago. This department continues to remain the main player in the industry along with our valued farmers and other stakeholders. The Agricultural Services team is dedicated to procuring high quality raw fresh milk in addition to driving the continuous improvement of the dairy farming practices of our trusted suppliers. The key outcome of all our developmental efforts is to have a sustainable dairy industry, which contributes to general local food security, which must be supported by farms that have the critical mass to achieve this.

Thus our Dairy Development Programme is designed to use modern technology-driven approaches in the areas of Feeding & Nutrition, Animal fertility and Animal health, while at the same time developing the entrepreneurial capacity of our producers for success in the efficient and sustainable production of milk. The trend world-wide is for economies to revert to primary agricultural activities. However, this revival needs to be reinforced by new technologies that allow for greater efficiency and productivity. A career in the Agricultural Services Department will be the beginning of an exciting journey, where the destination is a modern, efficient, and sustainable local dairy industry.