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Nestlé Jamaica launches new 100% premium Nescafé Jamaican Roast

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Nestlé Jamaica Limited has embarked on another pillar of growth in Jamaica under the world’s largest coffee brand-Nescafé.  The swiss based company, who is celebrating its 80th year of operations in Jamaica has partnered with boutique coffee roasters Stoneleigh Coffee, to produce a NESCAFE Jamaican Roast – R&G Coffee line. Within this line, the company will introduce Roast and Ground Coffee and Roasted Whole Beans to the Jamaican market.

Jamaican Roast

Hot on the heels of a recent announcement by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) that there was a surplus of green beans, Nestlé  Jamaica stepped up to the plate with its newest innovation: Nescafé 100% Jamaican Roast. According to JACRA, the surplus of beans have a number of uses such as export to other coffee producing markets, roasted into whole bean coffee variants, and/or roasted and ground into coffee granules. In response to this surplus, and in an attempt to increase demand for usage/consumption of these beans, Nestlé Jamaica has forged the Jamaican coffee line.

“In the year when we are celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Nestlé in Jamaica, the launch of Nescafé Jamaican Roast shows how our business is continually innovating and evolving to meet local needs,” said Nestlé Jamaica Country Manager, Daniel Caron.

“After learning of the coffee industry’s situation and, by extension, the coffee farmers in Jamaica, we took the opportunity to align the world’s largest coffee brand, NESCAFE with one of the world’s most coveted coffee markets. This is a win-win for all stakeholders.” shared Caron.

NESCAFÉ Jamaican Roast – R&G Coffee is medium roast & ground, medium bodied, aromatic coffee with hints of fruit and chocolate. Made from 100% premium Arabica Jamaican coffee beans, the environmentally friendly/recyclable packaging features a zippered re-sealable pack to lock in freshness between use.

“When we looked at the Jamaica market, we realized there was an opportunity to bring a good source of 100% local coffee to consumers. Jamaicans can now enjoy their very own local coffee in their home, at the convenience stores, at the hotels and even at their offices in their favourite Nescafé machines. We are proud to say that every Jamaican can now have a piece of Jamaican coffee anywhere they go,” shared Ricardo Nembhard, Country Business Lead for Nestlé Professional.

The R&G line will include a one pound (16oz) and half pound (8oz) formats available to retailers island wide such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, offices and catering sectors. It will also be available via the company’s online e-commerce platform at

NESTLÉ plans to maximize this investment by exporting the coffee to other Caribbean markets, so that the diaspora and coffee lovers worldwide can enjoy Jamaican-made worldwide.

The product can be used in home coffee brewers, a French press and in commercial drip coffee machines.