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Maggi spreading joy of cooking with masterclasses

Maggi spreading joy of cooking with masterclasses
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Cooking classes are an awesome idea if you are seeking to enhance your culinary skills and knowledge. With that in mind, MAGGI, the household brand known for its array of soups, seasonings, cubes, and coconut milk powder, is embarking on a culinary journey to engage and develop a vibrant community of food enthusiasts.

Nestlé Corporate Chef Brian Lumley has taken culinary enthusiasts on this exciting journey during a series of cooking masterclasses, held at the company’s corporate offices in Kingston.

Lumley has extensive knowledge of both traditional and contemporary cooking techniques, and participants will have the opportunity to learn from the executive chef.

“Our aim is to boost confidence in home cooking, empower families to prepare wholesome meals, and master fundamental culinary techniques,” Lumley said.

The Maggi Masterclass, which began in July 2023 with five sessions, will continue through to September 2023, with a schedule of eight sessions. Registration is free and is open to everyone.

The sessions will offer limited access to the in-person series. However, with the importance of accessibility and flexibility in today’s fast-paced world, the masterclasses will be offered in both digital and in-person formats, ensuring that everyone can participate.

Applications are available online at Attendees must be 18 years and older.

“The masterclasses will not only focus on using Maggi products effectively but will also include various recipes and cooking tips to elevate everyday dishes, adding a touch of creativity and flavour. We are very excited in spreading the joy of cooking with Maggi,” Lumley said.

“We want to expand the knowledge base of our products with our consumers. Maggi is easy to use and will eliminate the time spent in the kitchen, as well as [help you to create] healthy meal options for the entire family,” he added.

According to Chef Lumley, so far the masterclasses has received incredible feedback from the participants. “Our cooking methods provide a healthier option for most individuals. We use fresh vegetables, incorporate low-cream [and utilise] mostly grilling, which is done over fire. The dishes are cooked and well done, and we do not incorporate too much salt,” he said.

Some of the dishes prepared so far in the Maggi Masterclass include grilled salmon with summer salad, coconut veggie chunks, jasmine pineapple rice, chickpeas and veggie chunks.

During our masterclass session, Chef Lumley demonstrated how to prepare callaloo jerk chicken and chicken Alfredo. It was a spirited affair, with each team getting 40 minutes to prepare the dish, after a 20-minute demonstration . All the food items were freshly prepared and after an exhilarating effort from each team member, the final products were extremely delicious.

“This is the best day of my life. The food was delicious and I got the opportunity to cook with Chef Lumley. Now that is the icing on the cake,” said Jason Johnson, one of the participants.