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Nestlé Purina and Vemco celebrates 25 years of partnership

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Trinidad's Official Nestle Purina Distributor

Nestlé Purina and Vemco are celebrating 25 years of partnership in Trinidad and Tobago. Vemco is the Purina Pet Care brand’s sole official distributor in the country. This silver jubilee is a culmination of consistent and dedicated effort, with Vemco adhereing to Nestlé Purina’s stringent international quality standards, while undergoing annual quality audits and complying with all handling and distribution best practices.

To achieve this milestone, Nestlé Purina´s and Vemco have worked closely together with mutual trust and confidence to build brand equity. Vemco, for its part, has demonstrated a complete and thorough understanding of the leading global pet care brand, forging strong customer relationships and providing best in class after-sales service delivery.

As pets become more and more an extension of the family unit, Pet Food as a business category is growing. Together with Vemco, Purina has developed a solid portfolio, achieving leadership in its range of product offerings and adapting to consumer needs and preferences with brands such as Dog Chow®, Friskies®, Purina ONE® and Pro Plan®.

The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic also encouraged pet owners to develop even more emotional connections to their pets. Purina’s Business Manager Patricia Umanzor explained that, “The Pet Food category has a promising outlook for 2022 boosted by a growing dog and cat population, pet humanization and consumers who are increasingly becoming more quality conscious.“

“As the only recognized distributor for Purina Pet Care in Trinidad and Tobago, Vemco joins Nestlé Purina in its commitment to improve the nutrition and wellbeing of dogs and cats.  Built on a longstanding and solid foundation of partnership and trust, Nestlé Purina and Vemco look forward to serving our local community with excellence” stated Vemco’s CEO, Christopher Alcazar as he expressed heartfelt gratitude to consumers for supporting Vemco and Nestlé Purina for twenty-five years and counting.