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Nestlé Breakfast Campaign



Educating consumers about the importance of healthy breakfast

Adults need to eat breakfast each day to perform their best, and kids need it even more to refuel their growing bodies and developing brains. That’s why breakfast is simply the most important meal of the day! But many people skip this vital meal. So, beginning in 2008, Nestlé launched its special Breakfast Campaign to teach people the importance of having a healthy nutritious breakfast every day.

The Nestlé Breakfast Campaign is a mobile campaign that visits groceries and workplaces across Trinidad and Tobago. During each four-hour session, Nestlé’s team educates consumers about the importance of breakfast, shows them how to plan a healthy and balanced breakfast, and explains how breakfast can be included in a busy lifestyle.

Sessions also include special mini-lectures by Nestlé’s qualified nutritionists, which teach consumers about the Caribbean Six Food Groups and Portion Control. Participants receive handy leaflets packed with nutritional information, as well as samples of Nestlé products that can be incorporated into a healthy breakfast.

The Nestlé Breakfast Campaign takes place every two weeks on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Question: How can I get the Breakfast Campaign to visit my grocery or workplace?

Answer: Contact Marc Clark, Events and Sampling Co-ordinator or Shaunelle Mieres, Nutritionist.