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Rural Development

Our commitment: ensuring the highest quality milk is available for the production of our wide range of locally produced milk products



Trinidad and Tobago’s Dairy Farmers play a vital role in ensuring that the highest quality milk is available for the production of Nestlé’s wide range of locally produced milk products. Nestlé deeply values this relationship and strives to do more for the farmers and communities who supply us with milk, through a variety of programmes and activities.

Farmer Training & Seminars

Nestlé conducts regular training sessions for all of our milk suppliers on topics ranging from improving milk quality to animal health, as well as special bi-annual seminars highlighting farmer achievements in productivity, efficiency and sustainability, and tackling issues affecting the local industry, such as trade tariffs.

Dairy Development Programme

Nestlé’s Dairy Development Programme aims to help dairy farmers develop sustainable and profitable milk production in a shared-value relationship. This programme was initiated on 22 farms with an average farm size of 22 cows in 2009 and continues today. The Dairy Development Programme implements modern, technology-driven approaches to feed and nutrition, fertility, and the health of dairy animals, while at the same time developing the entrepreneurial capacity of producers. Click to learn more