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Career Development

At Nestlé, we know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. We’re only able to hit our targets because they hit theirs. So we’ve created a high performance culture that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth and this enables their development and ultimately ours.

As a professional, you’ll find you have a wider sphere of influence and more freedom than elsewhere. So you’ll be able to broaden or deepen your existing job responsibilities as well as having the opportunity to progress upwards.

There are three factors that will shape your career growth at Nestlé:
  • Core factors. These are non-negotiable; they are the qualities you must have if you’re to make the most of all the opportunities we have to offer. They include your sustainable performance, the knowledge and skills you have about your function, the business and yourself, plus your leadership skills and critical experience.
  • Accelerators. This is the name we give to the qualities that will determine how far and how fast you progress and develop. These include your mobility, your flexibility to move between functions and categories, how well you network and how open you are to new experiences.
  • Opportunities. These are the factors that are more dependent on circumstances and activities elsewhere in the business. Opportunities can spring from new roles, new positions and new assignments overseas.

Talent Assessment and Succession Planning

Succession Planning is the way in which we plan career development and fill middle and senior-level jobs. We are very methodical about how we plan this process. Nothing is left to chance. Our succession plans cover all the key jobs in Nestlé and include a list of forecasted potential successors for those roles. At any one time, we know exactly how well these successors are performing and how close they are to taking on the next role in their development.

Importantly, our succession plans are created with input from multiple sources. In other words we take a very rounded view of development. We look at our employees’ career history and Talent Assessments, their Performance Evaluation results and other relevant development data.


Revealing your potential

From experience, we know that to design high-quality development plans it is crucial to apply the 70/20/10 model. This states that experienced-based activity has the highest impact on professional and personal development, relationship-based approaches such as feedback and coaching account for 20% of impact and formal training has the least effect on how fully and quickly people develop. So with this in mind, we apply a variety of learning approaches to bring the most out of your potential.

Our Training and Development and Individual Development Programmes will help you to accelerate your development through relationship-based support, transfer of experience, of key insights and unwritten rules as well as bringing exposure to the areas beyond the current role.

Our Training Catalogue provides you with a variety of programmes and courses to exchange knowledge and share ideas with colleagues from other departments.