Mission And Vision


Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to be the leading Food and Beverage Company in the Caribbean Region, providing our customers with high quality products and services with added value at competitive prices, simultaneously ensuring the long term viability and profitability of the organization.

Our Mission demands that:

We are seen as a friendly, caring and efficient organization whose primary focus is on providing consumers with safe and convenient high quality food products.

We are conscious of our role, as a leading corporate citizen, one which requires us at all times to be in tune with and responsive to the social, environmental, economic and cultural aspirations of the Caribbean people, whilst ensuring our shareholders a reasonable return on their investment.

We are seen as an ideal place of employment with good working conditions and benefits, with an internal environment in which our staff can achieve job satisfaction, self development and their reasonable aspirations.

We are viewed as a perfect example of an enlightened, innovative, modern Caribbean corporation with progressive and dynamic leadership that is supported by highly professional, committed, loyal and dedicated employees.

It is understood that in order for us to realize our vision we have to continue to strive to earn the recognition and satisfy the trust our customers and business partners place in us.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Shared Value is the way we do business, which states that in order to create long-term value for shareholders, we must also create value for society. It goes beyond compliance and sustainability.


Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Nutrition, Health and Wellness is Nestlé’s strategic direction. We want you to be able to make healthy choices about your food and beverages. We also believe that good food sometimes means treating yourself!